What is staff augmentation and why is it more critical than ever?

Posted by Dave Kravitt, CPIM

More and more IT leaders recognize that the industry is dealing with an acute talent crunch. Information Week reported on a recent survey from Mulesoft suggesting that “IT and business leaders are re-examining their tech stack during the economic slowdown to prioritize solutions that deliver maximum value to employees, not complexity and burnout.” 98% of the 1,000 IT executives surveyed indicated that their technology choices are influenced by the need to find the right talent.

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Remote Work Is Big. Why Not Remote Servers via Platform-as-a-Service?

Posted by John Huntoon

As the global business community navigated the COVID crisis, we saw a major shift in attitude toward remote work. A forced experiment with this new model pushed companies to address implementation challenges as fast as possible, finding solutions to issues that might have caused companies to hesitate about expanding remote work in normal times. 

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“You can’t sit on a two-legged stool”: The importance of managing and maintaining the three core areas of business functionality

Posted by Dave Kravitt, CPIM

Today’s manufacturing enterprise is a complex entity with multiple moving parts that must work in unison and harmony. Unlike the simpler, standalone manufacturing operations of the past, the 21st century manufacturing facility is layered with IT infrastructure, enterprise applications and business processes. Managing and maintaining these highly-sophisticated kinds of operations can consume considerable amounts of resources in terms of time, money and tools. 

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Optimizing Business Processes

Posted by Dave Kravitt, CPIM

Most companies understand the importance of consistent, efficient and scalable business processes but are fuzzy on the best way to achieve it. Optimizing business processes is a way for companies to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs – a strategic approach that alters how an organization conducts business and manages operations to produce better results and increased profits. 

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Optimizing Your Supply Chain Management

Posted by Dave Kravitt, CPIM

An enterprise supply chain is a complex system with a number of components that need to work together efficiently and effectively to ensure that planning, procurement, production, inventory and distribution processes flow smoothly. By optimizing SCM, companies will see a number of benefits, including increased productivity and reduced costs. 

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