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Discover insights and advice to help your manufacturing/distribution business thrive. Can your business really save money by extending the life of your ERP system? What are the pros and cons of an MSP partnership? How can you self-assess the health of your IBM i system? It’s all here, so dig in now. And don’t forget to check out the latest and greatest industry trends in PSGi’s blog library!

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The Ultimate Guide to Disaster Recovery

No matter how much or how little you know about Disaster Recovery, this complete guide is packed with up-to-date facts, useful charts and actionable advice for manufacturers. We’ll help you better understand, define and learn how to apply the right DR solution for your unique business.

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The Next Generation MSP: How SMBs Can Benefit From Integrated Managed Services

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How Managed Service Providers Can Help Your Business Be More Successful

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Should You Outsource
Support for Enterprise

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5 Characteristics of a Competitive Process Manufacturing Supply Chain

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Abandoning Your Legacy ERP?

You May Be Able to Save Millions Simply By “Revitalizing” Your Old ERP

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10 Best Questions to Ask When Vetting Managed Service Providers

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Is a Traditional Managed Service Provider Enough?

How to Assess Your Needs & Bridge the Gap in Provider Support

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Hybrid ERP

Finding the Right Set of Solutions for Your Enterprise

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Key Considerations for Disaster Recovery

Finding the Right DR Solution for Your Enterprise

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Case Studies


Food & Beverage Manufacturer

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Industrial Adhesives Solutions

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Specialty Chemical Supplier

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IBM i System Review and
Self Assessment

A Free Self-Diagnostic Tool for Determining Your System’s Needs

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ERP Environment Review and Self Assessment

Three-Day ERP Review and Analysis So You Can Avoid Performance Problems

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Is your ERP keeping up – or is time to replace it?

A Free Self-Assessment Guide to Gauge Your ERP’s Timeline

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