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John Huntoon joined Precision Solutions Group in 2020 with over 40 years of comprehensive technical experience on a wide variety of IBM hardware platforms and IBM and Non-IBM applications. John is also a member of several IBM User Groups and Advisory Boards. He has a boatload of Power i / IBM i platform technical certifications which will be put to great use delivering our IBM i Managed Services and other technical services for our clientele. Some of the areas john will be working with our clients’ systems include system security, performance tuning, disaster recovery, production scheduling, OS upgrades and support.
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IBM i 7.3: Sunset on the Horizon

Posted by John Huntoon

If your business-critical applications are still running on this version of IBM i, now is the time to begin planning to migrate to a newer release.

In this blog, we break down the key details.

Tags: IBM i Platform, IBM i Cloud

Why Security Audits Are Critical – Even for Power i

Posted by John Huntoon

Power i / IBM i has been one of the most secure platforms around for decades. But, as we recently discussed in our debrief on the Log4j virus, no ecosystem is immune to serious risks – even Power i/IBM i. 

If your organization wants to begin taking a more systematic approach to securing its critical infrastructure, it can be hard to know where to begin. Based on our experience supporting and securing a variety of enterprise-scale Power i implementations, security audits are the ideal foundation for more robust security practices. In this blog, we explain why and provide a breakdown of how our team organizes a Power i / IBM i security audit.

Tags: IBM i Platform, Managed Services

IBM i 7.5: Security Improvements and More

Posted by John Huntoon

IBM i 7.5 (announced May 3, 2022) is here, featuring a diverse array of enhancements that will help this environment stay as secure as possible while continuing to add new functionality. In the wake of threats like the Log4J virus, IBM continues its commitment to continually improving protections for what is already one of the most secure environments around.

In this blog, we provide a summary of some of the most important features included in the IBM i 7.5 update, followed by a more comprehensive feature list.

Tags: IBM i Modernization, IBM i Platform

Don’t get lulled into complacency! Why Security Can Never Be Neglected (Even for IBM i)

Posted by John Huntoon

Recent months have provided a vivid reminder of why it’s so important to have an IT team paying close attention to your security at all times.  While IBM i is one of the safest environments around, the Log4j virus showed yet again that no ecosystem is immune to serious security risks. 

IBM i 7.4: Security Enhancements Pave the Way to Valuable Features

Posted by John Huntoon

IBMi 7.4, released in April, 2019, offers valuable new features that make this upgrade especially important. In particular, the 7.4 update offers some essential features for ensuring the most secure IBM i environment possible, including enhanced hashing for SQL queries, improved system tools, passwords, and more. 

Tags: IBM i Modernization, IBM i Platform

Remote Work Is Big. Why Not Remote Servers via Platform-as-a-Service?

Posted by John Huntoon

As the global business community navigated the COVID crisis, we saw a major shift in attitude toward remote work. A forced experiment with this new model pushed companies to address implementation challenges as fast as possible, finding solutions to issues that might have caused companies to hesitate about expanding remote work in normal times. 

Tags: Managed Services, Business Process Optimization