Sustaining Engineering

Alongside issue analysis and resolution, PSGi is at the ready to correct anything that’s not working properly. For both standard and highly modified softwarewe respond quickly to tackle any issues or bugs that arise.

Our support includes:

  • Seamless fixes from start to finish. We analyze and identify software issues and install fixes on our customers’ systems so there’s no additional work required on your end and resolution is fast.
  • Application of a standard controlled methodology. We install needed fixes, then move them from test to production in our customers’ environment. PSGi helps you implement a change-management process; or, if you have a defined process already, we’ll adopt yours to ensure that our work is in synch with your standards.
  • Support for both standard and customized applications. Whatever version you’re running is the version we’ll support. PSGi has the technical expertise to quickly resolve issues that occur within customized applications that your business has come to rely on—and in many cases, your software vendor won’t support.
  • Country-level support. This includes responsive support for software configuration fixes as well as process and local language issues.

Questions about how we can help your business? Let us know your needs and we’ll be in touch!