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Intense competitive forces drive proliferation as CPG companies work to capture the greatest market share. The enterprise business systems and business processes your organization puts in place must be geared for continuous product introductions, changing market prices and fluctuating consumer demands. All processes must be streamlined to make this happen. But without the right resources in place, your organization knows all too well that’s easier said than done.

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Your Challenges Are Our Expertise

For decades, PSGi’s experienced team has worked with various types of consumer products manufacturers. So when it comes to helping you implement and optimize the very best business practices... we know a thing or two. Our services help optimize the flow of critical information through your organization, minimize redundancies, and ensure your organization’s most needed information is available for decision makers. PSGi manages:

  • Product proliferation (including variations in flavor, package size, color, shape, etc.)
  • Variations in formulas, ingredients, raw materials, packaging components
  • Phase-in and phase-out functionality (to avoid obsolete materials)
  • Inventory systems that can handle ongoing new product additions
  • Product recall reporting capabilities
  • Bi-directional lot track and trace reporting and lot management systems
  • Formal document processes to handle government regulations/evolving customer mandates
  • Management of inventory levels, production schedules and yields, capacity loading
  • Understanding cost factors and cost drivers
  • Multiple sales channels and sales order processing that must take into account customer product specifications and pricing requirements

Users would ask us if the software could address a new business requirement. We would ask PSGi and they would always show us a way the software could meet the business need.

– IT Project Manager 


As One Chemical Supplier Evolved, So Did Its Need for ERP Support

A specialty chemical company’s expanding operations and extensively-modified ERP system posed many challenges for them to maintain their enterprise IT infrastructure and integrate a business acquisition.

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Global Adhesives Company Needed Upgrades FAST Across Multiple Environments

As IBM provided newer releases of its IBM i OS, one company needed to upgrade its applications running on IBM i servers in order to stay compatible with the OS; a task that was complicated by additional challenges at the outset.

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Recent Projects

  • Released beta version of Mobile App for sales reps at national tape manufacturer for finished goods inventory and ATP visibility in the field allowing them to place orders with the confidence the goods would be delivered as promised and enhance customer satisfaction

  • Created a PRISM enhancement allowing shelf lives by vendor addressing raw material supplier differences

  • Providing system administration services, including month-end processing at CPG company using PRMS

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