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Why Employ a Headless ERP for Legacy Systems?

Posted by Larry Dube

If a “headless” ERP system sounds spooky, it shouldn’t! A headless ERP approach can help improve flexibility, manage costs, and enhance the user experience, with no guillotine required. And, with the right mindset shift, a headless strategy can even be an ideal solution for many legacy ERP systems. PSGi Co-founder and President Larry Dube explained why in his recent webinar. In this blog, we summarize the key points of his presentation. 

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ERP Data Migration Best Practices

Posted by Larry Dube

When a business acquires another organization, the need to migrate data from the acquired company’s ERP software introduces some unique challenges. This data must be aligned to the acquiring company’s corporate standard ERP. 

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New Alternatives for IBM i on Cloud Computing Platforms

Posted by Larry Dube

Cloud computing platforms can offer unprecedented scalability compared to traditional onsite or hosted servers, but adapting IBM i applications to x86-based cloud platforms has historically been a prohibitive challenge. But today, new solutions like Skytap and Infinite i make cloud platforms a viable option for organizations that depend on IBM i applications. We explain how in this blog.

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Should You Still Be Running ERP Software Using On-Premise Hardware? Six Key Questions to Ask

Posted by Larry Dube

What are the most important considerations when considering migrating your ERP system to the cloud? We take a look at some of the most critical in this blog.

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Re-Focusing on Long Term IT Strategy in 2022

Posted by Larry Dube

2022 appears set to be a crossroads for many organizations. The past two years have been incredibly challenging for businesses, including a rapid shift to remote work, unprecedented supply chain crises, and more. We continue to be inspired by the extraordinary adaptability we saw from our clients in response. While the COVID crisis is by no means over, we have seen more and more organizations become well-adjusted to this “new normal.” 

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Leveraging the Newfound Security Features of IBM i RCAC

Posted by Larry Dube

Field Level Security in IBMi allows you to protect data in legacy applications without creating risks to application stability: this feature is implemented so that restricting data access doesn’t require extensive re-development which may create new errors in complex application logic. 

These precise protections offer an important opportunity to secure sensitive data in legacy applications quickly and painlessly without modifying the application layer.

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Vendor Support vs Third-Party Support: What’s the Best Approach?

Posted by Larry Dube

When managing a portfolio of enterprise applications, choosing the right support option presents a chronic strategic dilemma. While vendors offer unmatched expertise for new product offerings, their commitment to past versions of the same software can fade fast. Meanwhile, third-party support providers introduce opportunities for more customization (and broader cooperation across different applications and projects). 

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Moving Towards Mobility with Your IBM i Legacy System (Part 2)

Posted by Larry Dube

Hire New IT Staff, Leverage Your Team, Or Supplement with 3rd Party Tools?

In our last blog post, we focused on preserving your investment in your IBM i legacy system by integrating newer applications that address your organization's need for more mobility. But to meet mobility goals for the future, IT leaders have more on their minds than their system alone. In this blog, we’ll address key considerations for preserving another significant investment; that is, your IT staff.


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Moving Toward Mobility With Your IBM i Legacy System (Part 1)

Posted by Larry Dube

How to Integrate New Functionalities with Older Legacy Applications

Enterprises know they should be adopting the best that modern technology has to offer to stay competitive and on top of their game. But for many, the thought of having to upgrade their legacy systems in order to “stay modern” is something that feels overwhelming. 

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The 10 Best Questions to Ask When Vetting MSPs

Posted by Larry Dube


The new year can be a good time to address head-on those same old IT challenges that have been lingering for too long. So what are YOUR manufacturing company’s IT objectives this year? 

Freeing up internal staffers so they can focus on higher-value projects? Gaining more control over fluctuating IT costs? Tackling the security beast?  

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