Cloud & Hosting Services

Technology moves at breakneck speed and security risks are more pervasive than ever. But you’re not an IT company – so how can you possibly keep up while staying focused on your manufacturing business? 

Alongside our partners, PSGi provides a safe and secure home for your critical apps in our colocation data centers or cloud environment – giving you the utmost assurance that your systems are safe, secure, and operating at peak performance.

That means our customers gain:

  • Reduced IT infrastructure and management costs. Instead of the significant capital outlay of buying or leasing your servers and employing resources to manage your data center onsite, you pay a low monthly rental fee for shared space.
  • 24/7 Support. You have around-the-clock access to IT experts, with a local professional always available to troubleshoot or assist with your IT infrastructure.
  • Greater security. Our facilities are located outside of “threat zones” and hardened against forced entry, unauthorized access, fire, and natural disasters – then further strengthened by measures like 24/7 security staff and camera surveillance.
  • Capacity to fit your needs. Need higher performance?  More storage? As your requirements change and you need additional (or less) capacity, you can easily switch gears with a hosted solution.
  • Fewer risks with multiple redundancies.  All critical components have redundancies: from multiple power sources to multiple cooling water sources to multiple internet sources, these redundancies ensure that your hosted systems have guaranteed uptime.
  • Real-time assurance for 24/7 business continuity. Our Optimum Availability program constantly replicates, enabling it to take over during any maintenance and update operations or emergencies.

Need cloud and hosting services? We’ve got you covered,  let us know what you’re looking for!