High Availability & Backup and Recovery

Companies large and small are vulnerable to disasters that can cripple business operations and continuity. And for every business, there’s a unique threshold that determines your acceptable level of downtime.

Are you comfortable that your current backup and recovery strategy meets your business needs?

PSGi provides you with a custom, cost-effective, cloud-based IBM i disaster recovery solution for systems ranging from straightforward to highly complex. We will match your downtime threshold to required technologies—from tape to cloud to High Availability servers.

Our team of backup and recovery experts can help minimize business disruption—even eliminate it entirely—with real-time, automated fail-over recovery as if nothing ever happened.

PSGi’s approach includes:

  • An initial analysis to determine your organization’s threshold for downtime
  • A comprehensive assessment of your current backup and recovery solution
  • Recommendations for replacing unreliable and time-consuming backup-to-tape with cloud backup technology
  • A cloud solution to regularly back up your database so it can be retrieved over the internet
  • If warranted, a high availability (HA) solution to mirror your database – so if your in-house server goes down, the HA server can automatically be brought online

Want to talk about a complete cloud-based backup and recovery service for a platform other than IBM i? Our team of backup and recovery experts can apply the same services and expertise across whatever system you’re running – just contact us today to discuss your unique needs.