The State of IBM i: Key Takeaways from the Latest Survey Data

Posted by Dave Kravitt, CPIM

ALL400S provides valuable intelligence on the world of IBM i and recently shared the results of their year-end 2023 survey of AS400 and i-series businesses.

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Why Employ a Headless ERP for Legacy Systems?

Posted by Larry Dube

If a “headless” ERP system sounds spooky, it shouldn’t! A headless ERP approach can help improve flexibility, manage costs, and enhance the user experience, with no guillotine required. And, with the right mindset shift, a headless strategy can even be an ideal solution for many legacy ERP systems. PSGi Co-founder and President Larry Dube explained why in his recent webinar. In this blog, we summarize the key points of his presentation. 

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How IT is Helping Manufacturers Respond to Tariffs: A View from The Trenches

Posted by Dave Kravitt, CPIM

International trade conflict has brought about a global resurgence of tariffs and other trade restrictions. This trend has driven reams of high-level commentary on the macroeconomic effects of these disruptions to existing international commerce flows. 

In this blog, we set aside that high-level policy discussion to take a look at the practical business problems created for manufacturers by tariffs—and how technology can be used to respond.

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Uniting the Internet of Things (IoT) With Your ERP

Posted by Dave Kravitt, CPIM

You've heard it countless times – the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the way business is conducted. As consumers, we can see this unfolding in our everyday lives. Shoppers love the flexibility of checking out when they are ready from an associate with an iPad that already knows what they’re purchasing vs. waiting in line for a cashier. As business professionals, then, the question is: when can we use IoT in our organization’s operations?

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