Leverage the Power i / IBM i Platform to Future Proof Your ERP

Recorded webinar with PSGi President Larry Dube 

LP - Webinar - Leverage the Power i and IBM i Platform to Future Proof Your ERP

Is your ERP ready to support your organization's long-term business needs? Legacy applications may continue to perform admirably for now, but will they continue to deliver value long into the future? Will your business-critical software continue to keep pace with changing business-critical requirements?

In this webinar, PSGi President Larry Dube provides a framework for answering these questions. 

In addition to a broad strategic overview of how the Power i / IBM i platform can drive continuous improvement for your ERP software, the webinar is full of specific tips on topics like:

  • Taking advantage of ready integrability with 3rd party applications to deliver desired point functionality such as web application integration.
  • How to extend existing functionality using IBM i capabilities such as communication with external systems.
  • How the ability to integrate the IBM i database with standard SQL statements can streamline data sharing with additional tools and applications.

About Precision Solutions Group, Inc. 

PSGi is a leader in integrated managed services that combines manufacturing process expertise with in-depth knowledge of the IBM i platform. By providing comprehensive services, we help companies optimize business applications, obtain flexible IT support and extend the capabilities and life of applications through add-on software solutions. 

About the Host 

Larry Dube, President, PSGi 

After 16 years of customer support leadership and software development, Larry founded PSGi in 2003 with Terrie Tadsen and Ed Kelly. Since 1989 he has held a variety of customer support management roles within Marcam Corporation, which eventually became known as Baan Process Solutions. Throughout his tenure at Marcam and Baan, he established successful new teams for tool development, technical services, and technical support. As Vice President of Global Customer Support for Baan, Larry helped increase overall worldwide customer satisfaction from 43% to 95%.