5 Characteristics of a Competitive Process Manufacturing Supply Chain

Recent events have vividly illustrated why operating an optimized supply chain is more crucial than ever. Production shortages can not only hurt the bottom line today but damage longer-term customer trust.

In this context, a faster, less wasteful, more efficient supply chain can actually
save invaluable customer relationships by squeezing through more product.

competitive supply chainLearn more about the 5 competencies your operations must achieve to remain competitive, reduce waste and shorten time-to-market. Topics include best practices to:

  • Target 95% inventory accuracy by lot and by location (and some 
    practical tips for getting there). 
  • Why you shouldn't rely on informal routing plans. 
  • Target lock-step coordination between Planning/Scheduling, Purchasing, and Production
  • Automate and validate master production plan-to-finite schedule
  • And much more.......





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