How PSGi Helps Food and Beverage Manufacturers

With extensive experience in ERP, chemical manufacturing processes and IBM technology, PSGi has delivered results to global chemical manufacturers by helping them:

  • Automate and optimize business processes eliminating manual and redundant data input
  • Implement activity based costing for accurate product costing, something critical for low-margin manufacturers
  • Design and implement control processes for bi-directional lot traceability
  • Implement planning and scheduling of same batch/multiple simultaneous packaging configurations
  • Replace spreadsheets with automated and integrated processes for operational improvements
  • Implement industry best practices in all supply chain management areas
  • Empower  employees with the information and tools to make informed decisions and maximize their efficiency
  • Streamline operations, helping companies get control of their businesses to sustain profitability while maximizing growth
  • Proper ERP setup and contract management for companies using contract manufacturers 
  • Implement detailed packaging management for same product/different packaging variations