ERP System Review and Assessment

Enterprise Resource Planning software is an essential part of a manufacturing company’s operational strategy – how well does yours meet your needs? 

erp_reviewERP provides the information backbone companies rely on for managing internal resources, planning and managing the business, and interconnecting with customers and trading partners in the supply chain—and we can provide expert analysis of yours to help you get the most out of it. 

Our ERP Traffic Light Assessment is an easy-to-understand, general overview of your ERP environment that will provide you with a foundation to build a strategic decision-making process. This assessment will not necessarily provide you with all of the information needed for a system decision, but you’ll gain valuable insights into general ERP elements that we rank according to the level of attention they need:




STOP! You need to begin planning an ERP change NOW


CAUTION, there’s no short- or mid-term risk to your business right now, but you’ll need to re-evaluate annually and plan a change down the road


GO, your current ERP environment and supporting ecosystem are fine 


Our ERP Traffic Light Assessment includes:

  • A critical ERP, business systems, and integration points review that may uncover lack of support and other resources for some of your mission-critical systems
  • A compatibility review of the various software release levels for up to 5 key applications in use
  • A review of critical systems’ vendors, available level of support and services, and their plans for those systems
  • A review of select key current ERP environment costs

At the end of our review and assessment, you’ll receive:

  • A report indicating where your company ERP applications sit on the Red, Yellow, and Green scale
  • An action plan containing next steps for a more detailed analysis of your ERP environment 

This 3-day ERP environment review and analysis is an ideal way to get a quick health check on your ERP system so you can plan ahead and avoid performance problems. 

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