Custom Software Design & Development

Do you have a new concept that you would like realized? A software process you want to be built? PSGi can make that concept or that process a reality. The PSGi team possesses the breadth and layers of skills necessary to successfully bring a product idea, a concept and a software process to fruition.

Project Management

Leadership, guidance and communication are the foundation to any successful project. PSGi’s project management team ensures your development effort is properly managed through every step in the process.

Requirements Gathering

Our senior business analysts and consultants understand your industry domain and possess the technical expertise to effectively and properly document the requirements for your project. 


A balance between an outstanding technical design and an intuitive user experience must be balanced.  Using our two principles of design, understanding our customer’s domain and understanding the software space, we first take into consideration the business needs and constraints. Then we move into the technical software solution design process. Adhering to these two principles allows PSGi to guarantee the end result is the desired user experience and the best technical solution possible.


Software development projects today more often require well coordinated, effectively communicating teams to deliver a single solution while employing several underlying technical solutions. PSGi employs a staff with multiple technical skills providing a team approach to any development effort as necessary.  We can tackle complex development efforts across a variety of platforms and technologies.

Typically PSGi works remotely on our customers' systems allowing our customers to watch what we do every step of the way. Our customers have access to our work taking away any mystery in our development process and showing our progress on their projects.

Quality Assurance

Any good development effort will deploy Quality Assurance (QA) resources throughout the development process.  This means QA observation or review in the requirements, design, development and deployment phases ensuring a higher quality product and far less rework in later development stages which is time-consuming and costly.

A distinct high value advantage PSGi has in the software development QA process is our industry domain expertise. PSGi specializes in providing support and comprehensive services including development for manufacturing and distribution companies. Averaging more than of 20 years domain experience, our QA personnel ensure our software development projects will address not only our customers' requirements but also industry requirements with knowledgable guidance every step of the way.


Using our customer's systems to develop applications for them simplifies and speeds up the deployment of these systems to the test and production environments.  After thorough testing by both PSGi and the customer,these applications can easily be put in production and PSGi can offer training in these new applications. This process from design through QA and deployment ensures the products you receive are fully operational, integrated with your other systems and addressing your business requirements.