Implementation and Training

Is your manufacturing and distribution firm implementing a new site, or a new or upgraded software solution? Even the most promising software projects will fail if implementation isn’t up to par and training isn’t on track.


PSGi lays the groundwork for implementation success with a tried-and-true approach that includes the following:

Focus On Change Management and Project Management
Successful implementation hinges upon managing change within a business. We work with multiple project stakeholders, including management teams and end users, to make sure the all right people are adopting the new processes and systems.
30+ Years of Industry Knowledge
After 30 years, it’s safe to say we “get” manufacturing systems and business processes. We bring that knowledge to all steps of the software implementation process:
  • Identify your implementation tasks
  • Develop a detailed project plan
  • Work with your team to identify the necessary resources
  • Coordinate execution with your project managers (or ours)
Custom-Fit Approach
Do you have a different facility layout that will change existing processes? Or varying employee skillsets/management structures? We gauge unique factors upfront and adjust our planning, roll-out and training phases accordingly.

What types of implementation projects have we done?

Raw material lot track and traceability
Optimized inventory management processes

Enterprise Application Training & Technical Systems Training

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Enterprise Application Training?

Ask most vendors companies what their application training approach entails, and you’ll probably find that it’s a one-size-fits-all lesson about how to use the software. But that approach does not take into account the unique nature of your business. PSGi’s approach is different. We help your team match your software applications to your specific business functions, incorporating real business scenarios into our training. We focus on how your applications are relevant to your business, while fine-tuning our training to your unique business processes user community.Training includes:
We work with your staff to understand your business processes so they can be incorporated into the software functionality training to determine the best means of training your employees. Our typical approach is to “train the trainer,” so your staff trainers thoroughly understand the new processes, new software and the training materials available to help manage the change.
Enterprise application training materials should be unique to every business environment -- so we incorporate your process flows into the training curriculum, such as workshops, screenshots, and user guides. You’ll also receive training materials (i.e., manuals, screenshots) customized to your processes, in softcopy form so they can be reused and edited in the future.

One of our objectives is to ensure the your staff isn’t blindly following steps. We work with users to ensure they fully understand the why they are entering information into the application and the ramifications of their decisions.

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Technical Systems Training?

PSGI’s technical experts have had decades of experience working with a variety of systems and can help prepare your team for the technical challenges typically faced when working on ERP systems. Our technical training focus on these topics:

  • Review of the system database and deployment architecture
  • Examine standards used to develop the software and database
  • Review the embedded tools in the system that make it easier to support the system
  • Review the best methods within each of the modules to integrate and interface to other systems
  • Review application performance efficiencies

Manufacturing Supply Chain

5 Characteristics of a Competitive Process 

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