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The integrated managed services provider, or iMSP, is the next generation of managed services. iMSPs offer the skill sets and depth of resources to provide not only IT support and services, but comprehensive business and application consulting to optimize and manage the entire IT environment – from the server plug in the wall to the business application screens to the manufacturing floor and the supply chain.  

Integrated managed services – optimizing the entire business process and IT ecosystem

Operating as both a strategic and tactical partner, integrated managed services is the next logical step for IT and manufacturing operations support. Virtually every business process is software-driven – an iMSP has the capability to align business processes and mission-critical applications with tactical goals so that the entire IT infrastructure is designed, managed, and maintained around the company’s overall business strategy and growth plans. No longer isolated to the narrow realm of hardware and OS, integrated managed services encompass every aspect of business operations and IT to create system-wide efficiencies and achieve cost-savings previously unavailable through a traditional MSP. An iMSP has the capacity and capability to see the entire IT ecosystem along with business operations and view it as a complete, fully-integrated entity. 

Modern businesses such as process manufacturing rely upon a complex IT ecosystem built around core methodologies including ERP, CRM, and SCM. Ensuring peak performance, reliability and security for this kind of advanced IT environment requires a managed services skill set that goes beyond just the OS and hardware to the applications, business and operational processes that underpin business functionality, continuity, and growth. This kind of comprehensive and expanded managed services support can only come from the next-generation of MSP – the integrated managed service provider. 

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