IBM i Upgrade Services

Are you running an older and out-of-date version of IBM i or OS/400 because you feel it’s easier and safer than an upgrade? Perhaps you’re even paying higher maintenance fees because your OS is not current. Are you concerned that your various application software may not be compatible with the most recent OS release? The good news is you can upgrade with minimal risk and ensure your applications will run on the latest OS. With more than 25 years of experience working with IBM i (iSeries and OS/400) and the business applications that run on it, PSGi can orchestrate your entire IBM i upgrade project from start to finish.  Our expertise and proven business processes minimize the risk associated with migration. A simplified list of the steps in this service include:

List of the steps in this service include:

Audit software packages
Each set of packaged software needs to be examined to determine if it can be ported to the new hardware without issues such as:
  • Is the product on vendor support?
  • Are there incompatibilities between application software and OS release?
  • If so, these applications will have to be upgraded as well.
Adjust the standard upgrade plan to address your specific and unique needs
Create and execute test plans to ensure all applications functioning properly
Adjust the standard upgrade plan to address your specific and unique needs
Upgrade the OS and required business applications in a test environment
Create a test environment
Copy test environment to production
Performance tuning

PSGi can plan and manage all aspects
of the upgrade project

 from a single Power box to multiple servers in multiple geographies. Our team of certified project managers, systems analysts, and developers will be there every step of the way to ensure the process is well-planned and well-executed with minimal risk.