Do you have projects in the queue that just never seem to get addressed? Or that you don’t want to go through an IT service contract cycle to get done?

We get it. That’s why we offer a totally unique, flexible consulting model that that allows you to maximize the return on your support investment. 

Those projects that have been lingering? Simply put, we direct a portion of your investment toward them and you can leverage our team to get them resolved. 

PSGi plugs right in, as if an extension of your own team. Our flex days help you optimize the ebbs and flows of your support cycle with projects that add value back into your business. Think of it as “credit” that you can apply to the type of IT services that your business needs most.

How can my company use Flex Consulting Days?

You can leverage PSGi’s expertise across a diverse range of business needs as you see fit without incurring additional costs. Your Flex Days can be used with any skillset PSGi has on its staff.

Some of our customers have used these for projects such as:

  • Upgrading applications or OS to newer release levels
  • ERP enhancement such as adding shelf-life by vendor
  • Comprehensive business consulting services, including security audits
  • Training for new employees or employees in new roles
  • Implementation of unused yet valuable ERP modules
  • New software development such as a mobile app for sales reps
  • Or any other areas of our expertise that add value to your company!

Should You Outsource Support for Enterprise Systems?

How much can you save with third-party ERP support from PSGI?

How much can you save with third party ERP Support from PSGI?

Questions about how we can help your business?

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