During a system migration, IT teams are often focused on getting your new target system up and running.

But what about your existing ERP system — and your intellectual property stored there?

Throughout the transition, PSGi supports your existing legacy applications so your resources can remain focused on the new ERP implementation.

We’ll help with an upfront ERP migration assessment to establish a roadmap for your data transfer from your legacy to new system, plus ensure you have the right resources, timelines and ongoing expertise in place to minimize disruption throughout your transition.


Planning and Consulting

PSGi guides you in the most critical early phases of migration planning, with a plan that will:

  • Identify resources/expertise needed to keep the legacy system running without interruption to the business.
  • Define key business processes related to the legacy software that need to be in place during different phases of the transition.
  • Ensure your unique competitive processes and intellectual property – information, functionality, and integrations to other systems – will be effectively migrated to the new system.
  • Establish a legacy system shutdown plan. PSGi recommends keeping your legacy system available for at least 3 months after new ERP go-live.
    • Go-lives and cut-overs are never clean. Additional parallel processing may be necessary.
    • Even the most robust conference room pilots miss some items.
    • First month-end and quarter-end closes on new ERP may be dependent on legacy system data.
    • Investigating causes that new ERP transactions don’t work the same or produce the same results as on the legacy ERP.
  • Determine how best to provide a historical archive of legacy information for the next 5 to 7 years. Maintain the system on premises? Move the data to another queryable database? Store it in the cloud?

Staff Augmentation

We’ll make sure you have the proper resources in place to take care of all the ongoing business activities associated with your legacy system — so you can transition your internal teams to focus on the new system implementation. We’ll handle all of the critical activities including:

  • Taking over legacy system support; addressing continuing end-user needs, issue resolution, and so on.
  • Identifying and mapping data at rest and in-flight from the legacy system to the new system. This includes developing the programs, methods, processes, and test plans that will be used to transport the data to the new system exactly how and when it is needed.
  • Assisting with parallel process testing to ensure the new system and old system deliver similar results and achieve the desired end goal.

Ongoing 24/7 Services and Support

On top of the services that are unique to your transition, your team can count on PSGi’s ongoing application support and services (including bug fixes, issue resolution, etc.) to ensure nothing with your legacy system impacts the new ERP implementation.

Focusing our team on your legacy system minimizes the risk of issues impacting your business.  Focusing your team on the new implementation increases the likelihood of your implementation happening on time and within budget for a successful system go-live!

Abondoning Your Legacy ERP?

Save a ton by revitalizing it instead

How much can you save with third-party ERP support from PSGI?

How much can you save with third party
ERP Support from PSGI?

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