Enterprise Software Training

All large enterprise  business systems integrate, interface and communicate with each other and other systems in the network which may or not be on-site let alone owned by the same organization.  All large enterprise systems are modified to meet the specific demands of their users.  And all companies have employee turnover as time goes by within their support teams. 

Starting with a solid technical understanding helps IT team members be more effective in a number of areas when they support an ERP system or develop applications or interfaces around the core ERP system.  Our technical experts have had decades of experience working with a variety of systems and can help prepare your team for the technical challenges typically faced when working on ERP systems. 

Our technical education classes focus on these topics :

System Architecture
  • Review of the system database and deployment architecture
  • Examine standards used to develop the software and database
Tools and Techniques
  • Review the embedded tools in the system that make it easier to support the system
  • Review common techniques used to be more effective in problem resolution in the system
  • Taking advantage of the system architecture with common tools on the IBM i (AS/400) platform to debug problems and find information
Integration and API’s
  • Review the best methods within each of the modules to integrate and interface to other systems
  • Review standard API’s and hidden API’s
  • Integration standards best used for the system
  • Capabilities of deploying the application components
  • Use of third party or custom tools to deliver application functionality to users in a variety of run time options
  • Performance implications
  • Common problem areas for operations
Custom Environments
  • Every site has modified the software used in some way. PSGi learns those general modifications and rolls the information into our class deliverables.
  • Classes tailored to your software allow new employees to leave the class with applicable knowledge immediately.
  • There is no additional step trying to delineate standard software from customized software.
Teaching the Teacher
  • All class material is produced and provided in softcopy form so it can be reused and edited in the future or incorporated into other publications.
  • PSGi works with your teaching staff to ensuring their understanding of the training materials to more effectively use it to teach others within the organization.

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