Business Partners



IBM provides hardware, software and services including access to their solution centers.


Microsoft’s proven track record of innovation and discipline makes them the ideal partner to take to customers as we work to prepare them for the business challenges ahead. With proven Microsoft experts on staff, PSGi is equipped and excited to partner with this innovative company as we move forward.

Innovative Process Solutions Consulting

Innovative Process Solutions (IPS)

Innovative Process Solutions (IPS) is PSGi's PRMS® support partner bringing 25+ years of direct experience with the discrete and mixed-mode ERP solution. Members of the IPS team worked in industry using the PRMS application, later were employed by PCR and the companies owned by the software and finally formed independent consulting organziations providing comprehensive service offerings.



Aveva is PSGI’s support partner for the Avantis® Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application. Avantis is a major component of asset performance management which extends to all the critical assets and processes within the environment that contribute to the performance of the plant and ultimately to the performance of the business. For more than 20 years, Avantis has combined extraordinary enterprise asset management software products and value-added services to transform operational information into strategic asset intelligence enabling organizations to make more informed business decisions on managing their industrial assets. The Avantis Customer Support organization provides worldwide quality application and technical support needed to continuously enhance the operational effectiveness and value of your Avantis computerized maintenance management software.

Radix Consulting Alliance

Radix Consulting Alliance

Radix Consulting Alliance provides professional consulting services to a broad range of companies having supply chain operations, from forecasting/planning/sourcing through logistics/warehousing/distribution, and supports an extremely wide range of projects including:

  • Facility Layout / Design / Sizing or Optimization
  • Technology Selections with Implementation / Roll-outs
  • Staffing Assistance for Long-term Transformation Initiatives
  • End-to-End Process Improvement
  • Road-Map Strategic Assistance

Easy Access Accounts Payable Solutions

Easy Access

Easy Access provides an automated accounts payable solution that plugs right into your ERP, eliminating 80-95% of data entry and up to 90% of the time it takes to process an invoice. Easy Access takes virtually all human input out of invoice processing, eliminating delays and backups caused by time-consuming reconciliation.

programmers io is a US-headquartered software
development company with programming expertise in both legacy and modern platforms. PSGi has
access to a broad range of software development skills that our customers frequently request
including IBM, Cognos, Mainframe/Cobol, Delphi & C++, Python, Dot Net, React.Js,
Salesforce, IOS, Android, MYSQL/Json, & Angular. This partnership will allow PSGi to be
a one-stop supplier of software development skills to our customers and prospects further
extending their existing teams.

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