Managed services continue to trend up as more CIOs outsource IT support

Posted by Dave Kravitt

ibm_i_resiliencyAs the complexity of enterprise-level IT ecosystems continue to grow, the reliance of corporate CIOs on outside managed services is growing along with them to keep business apps and manufacturing processes functioning smoothly. 

According to a recent report by IT industry trade association CompTIA, more than two-thirds of the 350 companies surveyed in its Fourth Annual Trends in Managed Services study reported using outside IT support such as a managed services provider (MSP) within the past twelve months. CIOs are giving managed services a thumbs up because they like how outsourcing key IT maintenance and management functions such as software upgrades and integration can free up internal IT staff to work on strategic projects that can drive more revenue. 

Here are some survey highlights: 

  • 49% of survey respondents said their company's IT functions are either mostly or partially outsourced today
  • 50% said they'll consider using an outside IT firm over the next two years if the need arises
  • 15% are currently evaluating employing an outside IT firm
  • 72% of survey respondents at large companies said their organization kept IT staffing the same after outsourcing tech needs to a managed services provider, while 24% said IT headcount was reduced
  • 93% said their managed services arrangements either met or exceeded cost-savings expectations
  • 9 out of 10 CIOs using managed services providers rate themselves as either “mostly” or “very” satisfied with their managed services experience


What’s new: Introducing the integrated MSP

While traditional MSPs have focused on just the IT platform, a new generation of MSPs has recently appeared in response to the increasingly complex IT environment – the integrated managed services provider, or iMSP. An iMSP offers a much more comprehensive approach to managed services that provides both strategic and tactical services – helping companies manage and maintain their mission-critical software and OS platforms while providing crucial business proces consulting that ensures proper alignment of IT initiatives with business goals. 

To learn more about integrated managed services and how your company or organization can benefit from partnering with an iMSP, download our latest white paper, The Next Generation MSP: How SMBs can benefit from integrated managed services.

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