Do I need IBM i managed services?

Posted by Dave Kravitt

ibm iThe IBM i Series operating platform is one of the most popular enterprise operating systems because of its power, flexibility, and reliability. But rapidly evolving business conditions, applications, and IT infrastructure components make it difficult for many organizations to keep up with changes. So when is it time to outsource your IBM i support with a managed services provider (MSP)? 

IBM i managed services become the ideal solution for keeping your IT infrastructure running smoothly when both enterprise applications and infrastructure have become so intertwined that upgrades – or lack thereof – to either one pose a risk to effective and stable business and system operations. These challenges are often compounded by inadequately managed or incomplete enterprise system upgrades and additions over time, creating operational weaknesses and exposing your organization to potentially  costly downtime and repairs. 

As we discussed in an earlier post comparing traditional managed service providers with multi-faceted MSPs, multi-faceted managed services can ensure that all enterprise systems and applications meet both the tactical, short-term requirements of the business and its long-term strategic needs. Because enterprise applications are often at different release levels at
different sites, the environment is much more complex to manage than a pure hardware and OS software environment. A multi-faceted MSP is able to work closely with IT management to align all business and operational goals and initiatives.  

The IBM i platform clearly has the best uptime record of any platform in history.  However, many organizations get lulled into thinking that IBM i "runs itself" and often push ongoing upgrades and maintenance to a lower priority and even back-burner them indefinitely.  However, these tasks are necessary for the system to operate as efficiently as possible, so if
your company does not have the internal IT resources to provide 24/7 support including implementing available operating system enhancements, regularly reviewing performance information and taking immediate appropriate actions, it’s time to seriously consider multi-faceted IBM i managed services such as those offered by PSGi.     

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