Manage Change Effectively in a Custom IBM i Environment

Posted by Dave Kravitt

change managementManaging change in a complex, customized IBM i environment can be a daunting task. Whatever applications or modifications you’re developing, acquiring, and integrating into your IBM i ecosystem must work efficiently and effectively with minimal risk and effort. 

In addition to the newer applications that are available for the IBM i, some companies are running home-grown, heavily-customized solutions that are the lifeblood of the organization. They often have been running for a long time and are very stable. Many use a best-of-breed strategy, running several applications from different vendors, each integrated to other systems and chosen to address a particular need. All of this, of course, adds up to a lot of complexity and may not take change very easily. 

With that in mind, good change management in a customized IBM i-based IT infrastructure should feature: 

  • Design and development strategies that lower risk to existing business functions and the business in general
  • Rapid implementation time
  • Processes that provide a single solution while employing several underlying technologies
  • User involvement early and often 

So how do you encourage and support good change management from the very beginning? You start by developing applications for an IBM i environment with change in mind. That means: 

  • Using development strategies that minimize their impact on existing programs
  • Layer new functionality to ensure that it doesn’t affect existing core functionality
  • Take advantage of existing functionality as you bring information into a new layer of apps
  • Create reusable objects to ensure a more supportable environment, single-point updates, and easier unit testing 

In fact, IT departments should be adopting change management standards along with their development standards as a part of its normal strategy.


The goals should be to: 

  • Lower risk to the business when deploying new functionality
  • Introduce new functionality to the business as fast as possible
  • Provide the most supportable solution for the future

To learn more about change management in enterprise IBM i environments, download our white paper, Change Management in Customized Environments

change management in customized environments

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