Winter Newsletter - QS is Hot! plus PSGi's 10th and Managed Services

Posted by Dave Kravitt

In this Winter, 2013 edition of PSGI's Newsletter:

  • PRISM Quick Scheduler is Hot!
  • PSGi Celebrates 10 Years by offering iSeries Managed Services
  • More Companies See Value in PSGi Customer Support

PRISM Quick Scheduler is Hot!
PSGi's Manufacturing Performance Consultants are extremely busy!  Quick Scheduler is being QS Screensrecognized across the PRISM User Community as the low-cost, functionally rich, very high ROI module it has always been.  Looking to replace spreadsheets containing limited data and even more limited functionality, graphical finite capacity scheduling has become a critical area for many companies. PSGi is working with 5 companies in various phases of QS implementations.
Quick Scheduler is already a part of PRISM, module "S".  It uses the information you've already loaded into PRISM resources and production models and works seamlessly with Planning, Resource Management/ATP and Resource Processor.  QS can be used with or without Planning.  Schedulers can immediately see capacity and material shortages and take corrective action including moving schedules even to other lines if necessary.  QS will finite load schedules using resource characteristics such as color ensuring schedules are loaded in light to dark order minimizing downtimes for changeovers and cleaning.  When satisfied with the schedule, the scheduler saves it and the rest of PRISM executes the plan by releasing manufacturing schedules.
Those companies that do their homework realize that competitive scheduling solutions are much more expensive before even considering the substantial cost and complexity of interfacing with PRISM.  While QS does not posses a state-of-the-art optimization engine, it delivers 80 to 90% of the functionality most companies require for a small fraction of the cost.  Since it is already part of PRISM, implementation and training time is very short.
For more info on how Quick Scheduler can improve your bottom-line, please contact Dave Kravitt for more information


PSGi Celebrates 10th Anniversary by Offering Managed Services
Precision Solution Group, Inc. celebrates 10 years of delivering enterprise business system Managed Services graphicsupport and professional services to the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) customer community.  These services have enabled dozens of companies running mission critical IBM i-based applications to ensure their ever changing business requirements are met and software issues do not impact their business continuity.
We're celebrating by expanding our service offering to IBM i Managed Services. PSGi's competitive advantage is the inclusion of enterprise business applications with the usual hardware and system software tasks delivered by traditional managed services providers (MSPs)!  Your business depends on these mission-critical enterprise applications which themselves require monitoring, tuning and issue resolution.  PSGi works with your business to ensure all systems AND enterprise applications support the tactical needs of the business today and the strategic needs of the business into the future. Your applications and infrastructure technology are intertwined and interdependent so tremendous synergy is derived by employing PSGi for both.  The sustained operation of both applications and infrastructure is paramount to the success of the business.  PSGi brings this experience to our Managed Services offering:

  • Working with the IBM i platform and it's predecessors dating back to the System /36
  • Working with ERP, SCM and related mission critical enterprise manufacturing software applications
  • Working with manufacturing companies identifying their business requirements and ensuring their enterprise software systems continue to meet their needs

PSGi is pleased to announce the availability of our latest white paper  entitled "Managed Service Providers.  Keeping our eyes on your hardware and software systems ... so you can keep your eyes on your business!."  The paper details the value in delivering IBM i Managed Services that include the enterprise applications. Contact Dave Kravitt to receive the Managed Services Whitepaper


More Companies Seeing Advantages of PSGi Support
In the last winter Newsletter Precision Solutions Group was pleased to announce H.B. Fuller had selected PSGi to support their worldwide, modified implementation of JDE World.  In this Winter newsletter we are pleased to announce that H.B. Fuller has expanded our relationship to include their worldwide, modified PRISM implementation!  Pleased with the customer support and technical services we have delivered to date, H.B. Fuller, a global industrial adhesives manufacturer, decided to employ a single support provider for the PRISM - JDE World enterprise software.  PSGi's responsiveness and accuracy in issue resolution as well as our application, technical and operations expertise all played a role in H.B. Fuller's decision.

Looking to augment the PRISM knowledge on their IT staff, a leading natural and organic food and personal care products company in North America and Europe has selected PSGi to provide our PRISM and Avantis Customer Support services.  They are no stranger to PSGi having employed our professional services in the past.  Their IS Director likes the ability to "extend his bench" with PSGi resources.  He promises to "work us hard" with several significant PRISM projects in the plans.  "We look forward to working closely with their organization," said Larry Dube, PSGi's President, "and are eager to exceed his expectations leading to a long and mutually successful relationship."


About H.B. Fuller Company: For over 125 years, H.B. Fuller has been a leading global adhesives provider focusing on perfecting adhesives, sealants and other specialty chemical products to improve products and lives. Recognized for unmatched technical support and innovation, H.B. Fuller brings knowledge and expertise to help its customers find precisely the right formulation for the right performance. With fiscal 2012 net revenue of $1.9 billion, H.B. Fuller serves customers in packaging, hygiene, general assembly, electronic and assembly materials, paper converting, woodworking, construction, automotive and consumer businesses. For more information, visit us at and subscribe to our blog.

About Precision Solutions Group: Precision Solutions Group, Inc. is driven to enhance the productive use of IBM i-based enterprise business systems through training, customer support, consulting, and software solutions. We strive for greater employee efficiency and the significant cost savings and higher ROI derived by getting more out of your existing investment in enterprise business systems. Companies like Motorsports Authentics, H.B. Fuller Company, and Ruiz Foods depend on PSGI for software services and software support. PSGI personnel average more than 25 years of experience with IBM i platform and applications such as PRISM®, World JDE®, Protean®, PRMS® and BOSS® products. For more information, see


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