Industry Insights Shared at 2013 PRISM User Meeting

Posted by Dave Kravitt

PRISM User Group Meets
Shares Improvements and Successes and Camaraderie
Newton, MA
October 20 - 22, 2013
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2013 PRISM User Meeting


Precision Solutions Group sponsored the highly successful 7th annual 2013 PRISM User Group Meeting in the Boston area while the Red Sox played in the World Series (as spoofed by John Nowitsch on the right).  The meeting was held near PSGi's base of operations enabling our support personnel to attend.  Attendees were finally able to meet face-to-face with individuals they have been speaking to on the phone or emailing for years.   Attendees representing 14 companies discussed PRISM-related projects and challenges and success stories providing extraordinary value to all who attended. 98% rated collaboration with fellow PRISM users as delivering the highest value and practically every attendee plans on returning next year.  Here's a few comments from the meeting:


Love the collaboration. Interesting to see what other companies are doing.

It is always good to see old friends and discuss what is new in their business applications.


This was my first PRISM User Group Meeting.  I found it to be very productive and insightful. I brought back several items which I plan to research and probably implement.


I picked up several ideas on applications or technologies that may be beneficial to our company.


 I have attended all but one of the Prism User Group meetings. The meetings keep getting better every year, the 2013 meeting ROCKED!!!!!


These are great meetings! The only thing that would make them better is for everyone reading this to attend next year!

       Bob Ferrari

Bob Ferrari, Managing Director of the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and Founder and Executive Editor of Supply Chain Matters, delivered this year's keynote, "The Most Significant Business, Process and Technology Trends Impacting Supply Chain and Manufacturing Teams over the Next Five Years."  Bob discussed how today's vastly increasing speed of business change coupled with paradigm shifts in a more technology astute consumer, increased presence of global risk, and the dawn of more efficient use of predictive decision-making capabilities will lead to yet another era of exciting change.



Olin Thompson, commonly referred to as the father of PRISM, provided the second day keynote.  While his presentation was entitled, Defending PRISM, Olin quickly decided the more appropriate title was Helping Your Company Maker the Right Decision.  Olin discussed negative perceptions people frequently have versus the "net gain in business value alternatives may offer."  His presentation included the topics of 1) emotions, 2) function / value, 3) risks and reality and 4) ROI realities.  Olin's discussion was one of the most highly rated of the meeting.




Larry Dube, PSGi Founder and President, discussed how PSGi has grown over the past year with new customers and new development projects taking advantage of all that the iSeries has to offer addressing contemporary technology challenges.  Larry described PSGi's latest offering, iSeries Managed Services.  As PSGi continues to grow into new areas, Larry emphasized our strengths in iSeries business applications, manufacturing industry, being a change agent to our customers as how they view iSeries development.



Attendees and subject matter experts took the podium presenting these topics:   
  • Your Product Data. Your Customers. Your Organization.  GDSN Can Help!
  • GS1 Trading Partner On-Boarding
  • Oak Barrel's SpecSafe -- Reduce cycle times, improve compliance and
    reduce costs through supplier and operational collaboration
  • Quatred's Quick® Shipment Processing & QuickShip Kiosk
  • Engineered Standards for Planning and Costing Importance
  • Order Entry - Sales productivity with iSeries & Tablet Technology
  • Why upgrade to V7R1?
  • PSGi's Document eDelivery in Hydrite Customer Service
  • Business Intelligence for Mobile Sales Reps
  • PRISM COM & ChemLogix (3PL)
  • Supply Chain Manager Lessons
  • PRISM Ed: Production Analysis Overview
  • PRISM Ed: Aggregate Report -- Accuracy with Theoretical Consumption


As usual, attendees rated highly the Open PRISM / PRISM User Group Discussion and Braggin' Rights.  Participants jumped at the chance to put their names in the hat by presenting company projects.  Hydrite's Dale Clark won the drawing for a Google Nexus 7.



Wine tasting caps full day of presentations and discussions.  Boston's Legal Seafood created a 4-course wine tasting and dining experience that received high marks.  The team at Legal led us around the globe with wines from several continents.  Our thanks go out to them for a great evening.



Copies of the presentations, educational materials, handouts and wine tasting menu are available upon request.  Email to receive a link to all of this great information.


Thank you, PRISM User Group Meeting 2013 Attendees for using the platform we provided to share your successes and accomplishments with PRISM and in doing continuing to breathe life into the PRISM product.


Larry Dube, PSGi President


See you at 2014 PRISM User Group Meeting

Intertape Polymer Group's Executive Offices

Sarasota, FL -- October 19, 20 & 21

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