2013 PRISM User Group Meeting Registration Opens & Venue Announced

Posted by Dave Kravitt

Registration now open for 2013 PRISM User Group Meeting. 

Registration for the 2013 PRISM Meeting is now open Newton Marriot Hoteland the venue for the meeting is the Newton Marriot hotel in Massachusetts.  The opening reception will start at 7 PM ET on Sunday, October 20th and the meeting will begin on Monday, Oct. 21st and run through Tuesday, Oct. 22nd at the hotel.  Please register today to attend what past attendees have always rated a valuable and rewarding conference.

For additional information and to register for the meeting, click this link for the meeting website:

2013 PUGM Website


Call for Presentations

How has your organization improved your PRISM or related enterprise software or business processes?  Make your PRISM User Meeting more valuable by sharing your recent accomplishments and challenges:

  • Implemented unused modules or unused functionality
  • Audited and improved business processes and optimized your use of PRISM
  • Added new applications to run alongside or integrated with PRISM
  • Implemented PRISM at another facility
  • Developed enhancements to meet new business requirements
  • Other improvements ...

We are looking for 30 - 45 minute presentations. Prizes will be awarded!  Please reply to this email me or call with your proposed topic(s) today.

Newton Marriot Hotel Selected

Group room rates  are being negotiated with the meeting venue, the Newton Marriot shown on left.  We will publish the rates in the next meeting email and then ask you to reserve your room.

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