2012 PRISM Meeting Agenda Released to the PRISM User Group

Posted by Dave Kravitt

As always the PRISM User Group Meeting agenda is full of user and vendor presentations.  We are very excited with the topics that been submitted thus far and know that they are bound to be interesting and relevant and valuable.  Please click to see the current agenda which is still a work-in-progress.  We are still discussing topics with group members and will have additional topics.  We are also finalizing the PRISM Education topics that PSGi delivers.  Please check back to the meeting website and agenda often for updates.2012 PUGM Agenda

Have a topic that you would like to hear?  Email the topic to Dave Kravitt and let us know and we'll see who can discuss it.

Made a improvement in the your business processes or use of PRISM that you would like to present?  Email Dave Kravitt and let us know your topic for the agenda.

Cooks of Crocus Hill

Monday Social Event 

Hoping to repeat the highly rated social event last year, Cooks of Crocus Hill we were looking for another fun evening to relax and enjoy each other's company after the day of presentations.  What we found was a "Hands-on team cooking experience that combines camaraderie and culinary education -- with great food as your reward."  The organization that runs these events promises "You will not find a more energizing, socially engaging, creativity unleashing, better smelling venue in town!"  If you want to learn more about the evening, follow this link (warning includes musical accompanyment): Cooks of Crocus Hill


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