2012 PRISM User Group Meeting Planned Presentations

Posted by Dave Kravitt

Customer presentations make the Meeting!  Always ranked "excellent", customer presentations are the highlight of the PRISM User Group Meetings.  This year's presentations are bound to be just as interesting and just as valuable.  We are discussing the following preliminary topics with individuals planning to attend the meeting:

  • Using RPG to Drive a Web App
  • Order-to-Cash (SAP-PRISM) Integration
  • Lot Traceability in the Real World
  • Sales Allocation Forecast to Planning Enhancement Fills a Need
  • 3PL Logistics Transactions Streamline Order Fulfillment
  • Planning and QS Reduce Guesswork
  • PRISM Pricing Simplifies Order Entry
  • Demand Management -- Missing the Link?
  • Asset Excellence

We look forward to these and more presentations which is directly related to the objectives of the annual meeting: Supply Chain Optimization, Extending ERP System Life, Maximizing ERP Investment and PRISM Best Practices.

How have you improved your PRISM / JDE World / Avantis infrastructure?  Have you updated your business processes to address new business requirements?  Please make your PRISM User Meeting more valuable by sharing your recent accomplishments.  Email your topic or call Dave Kravitt ( or 877-677-5776 Ext 910).

Have a topic that you would like to hear? Let us know and we'll see who can discuss it.

This year's PRISM User Group Meeting is being generously hosted by H.B. Fuller at the St. Paul, MN headquarters.  Opening reception will be held at Best Western PLUS White Bear Country Inn on Sunday, October 14th.  The meeting will open on Monday, October 15th, and last through Tuesday, October 16th.  For more information and to register, click the link to the 2012 PRISM User Group Meeting.

This list is preliminary.  Check back to the meeting website often for updates.

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