ERP Choices: When To Keep Your Legacy Solution

Posted by Dave Kravitt

Every day manufacturers are faced with the choice of converting their existing ERP solution to a newer, slicker product. In this two part series, PSGi explores when you should Keep, Replace or Augment your existing solution. These simple checklists will help you make an important business operations and financial light - when to keep your erp

Part 1 - When to Keep

Just because you have had your ERP system for a while does not mean that it is time to replace it. You should consider keeping your solution if:

  • It is well supported.
    • You can get access to quality product support. It may not come from the vendor that owns/sells the solution but if you can get access to knowledgeable, responsive people who can support your product you will be in good shape.
    • Product support for bug fixes is only one part of the equation. Can you also get access to knowledgeable consulting support that can help you maximize the use of your system?
    • As people turnover you need to ensure you are constantly training employees.
  • Ecosystem of add ons. A "legacy" solution can be extended and enhanced as well as any new solution. Look for a 3rd party ecosystem of add-ons.
  • Is someone actively investing in enhancements? At PSGi we help extend the life of solutions by using a customer driven enhancement process that allows one customer to initially fund an enhancement and then receive money back if it goes into the "public" domain for sale.
  • Does the product meet your industry needs. There were a number of excellent ERP products developed specifically with specific manufacturing industries in mind. Hang on to these as long as you can!
  • Are there still good resources available in the form of people, products, knowledge and support?

At PSGi we have been extending the life of legacy ERP solutions since 2003. Today we have active customers that are using PRISM, JDE, Optiva and PRMS. However the infrastructure and business model we have developed, along with our extensive network of business and software experts allows us to support a wide variety of applications.

If you are not sure if you can continue to keep your application, contact us for a Business and ERP review - we can help you make the best decision for your organization.


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