Be a hero! Maximize Your Enterprise Business System Investment

Posted by Larry Dube

maximize your erp investmentSo many manufacturers struggle with getting the most out of their enterprise business systems but everyday PSGi helps someone increase their ROI. A little self serving perhaps, but we love seeing clients get results from our partnership and just had to share.

Leveraging our unique customer support model that provides allows you to determine how your support dollars are allocated, customers are seeing results such as:

  • A major supplier to the fast food industry re-organized its warehousing space and streamlined their inventory management processes significantly reducing inventory levels.  Now they are duplicating their success at another factory.
  • A manufacturer of deli meats harmonized business processes and PRISM transaction processing at 3 factories selecting the best processes, eliminating redundancies and maximizing efficiencies.
  • A specialty chemical company with only 50% customer service levels completed a supply chain reorganization, implemented unused PRISM modules, put in place inventory strategies and supply chain best practices dramatically improving both customer service and inventory metrics.
  • We have provided PRISM overviews for new management teams at several companies ensuring they recognize all that PRISM is capable of providing. (A 2010 PRISM User Group Meeting theme  was "older but vital").
  • Several companies have implemented PRISM Planning & Scheduling increasing efficiencies in the production planning process and providing greater visbility into inventory needs
  • For two Optiva clients, we audited and optimizated several business processes and procedures providing more streamlined, efficient operations
  • A Graphical Performance Series (business intelligence) expansion to a new enterprise system providing deeper understanding of the performance of critical business metrics
  • Completed PRISM RF® mobile barcode system implementation for greater inventory tracking and control
  • PRMS Demand Mangement and Lean Manufacturing audit

So many manufacturers feel the pressure to implement the latest and greatest ERP system. This "bright, new shiny object" approach to your business systems can be costly, time consuming and disruptive. Be a hero to your management and finance team - let PSGi help you get more from your current investment.

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