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PSGi’s team of Performance Management Consultants working side-by-side with our customers have been improving their business processes, using more of their ERP systems to address current requirements and augmenting their systems with new functionality.  These companies using PRISM, PRMS, JD Edwards and other legacy software products continue to invest in their systems.  They are achieving high rates of return while meeting stringent customer and marketplace requirements. Here is a sampling of recent projects we have completed:

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Recent projects we have completed

Massive upgrade project at global adhesives company completed.
  • In order to remain compliant with IBM support requirements and prepare to move to a new datacenter with new equipment, our customer needed to upgrade 10 separate IBM i environments (3 development and 7 production) to the latest OS release These systems support divisions all over the world and employ both single and double byte characters!
  • Upgrading the OS required all of the customer’s software applications to be compliant with the latest OS level. PSGi led the project to upgrade many mission critical systems including the company financial systems (JDE World), EDI (Trusted Link), Barcode (Barcode 400), and system / developer tools such as Aldon, RDB, Prodata, and others. Working with the IT department and the users, we installed and tested the environments before go-live and afterwards provided go-live support.
  • The upgrade of each system was performed in a rolling schedule over several months. Without exception each go-live was deemed extremely successful, there was no business disruption, and no software issues during the process.
Mobile App for sales reps
Released beta version of Mobile App for sales reps. Developed Sales Rep Mobile Application at national tape manufacturer for finished goods inventory and ATP visibility in the field allowing them to place orders with the confidence the goods would be delivered as promised and enhance customer satisfaction.
Raw material lot traceability
Implemented raw material lot traceability in PRISM with bar coding at global food manufacturer and distributor at 2 factories on each US coast. Manufacturer is now in compliance with it’s customers’ traceability requirements.
All the different security functions
Created a report to view all the different security functions in PRISM including Resource Master, Customer Order Type, Warehouse, Production Model, etc. Another provides a comparison of all two users’ security profiles to show where they do not match.
IBM i and EDI software system
Troubleshot IBM i and EDI software system that was falling over. Implemented new backup system routines and automated system message delivery as part of PSGi's IBM i Managed Services and EDI Support Services.
Shelf lives by vendor
Created a PRISM enhancement allowing shelf lives by vendor addressing raw material supplier differences
OS Upgrade Risk Assessment
Performed OS Upgrade Risk Assessment in validated environment of global OTC healthcare company. Upgrade will be performed by PSGi in the future.
Project management role
Assumed project management role for PRISM implementation at frozen Mexican foods producer's new warehouse resulting an on on-time Go-Live.
ERP training
Comprehensive PRISM ERP training at global healthcare company’s 4 US sites
Process optimization assessments
Purchasing business process optimization assessments at US CPG food company leading to several process improvement initiatives that PSGi will coordinate
Supply Chain Director
Held interim Supply Chain Director position at food manufacturing plant while training employee new to that role
EDI Onboarding process
Assumed responsibility for EDI Onboarding process at private chemical company
Inventory management processes
Implemented optimized and updated inventory management processes at food manufacturer. Subsequently, the manufacturer had to perform a recall. They "used lot pegging/transaction history to recall about 15 paste lots, used in production,
Prism worked great!"
Project definitely a success.
Leading critical issue turnaround
Leading critical issue turnaround in Planning and Scheduling Operations at food manufacturer for operations director that asked PSGi to “fix it”
PRMS Customer Site to IBM iOS 7.1
Upgraded PRMS Customer Site to IBM iOS 7.1 without recompiling using the IBM tools and no PTFs
PRISM-SAP integration
Developed PRISM-SAP integration for centralized customer order processing at global chemical manufacturer
PRISM Planning and Scheduling
Optimization of PRISM Planning and Scheduling at large division of global pharmaceutical company
PRISM Planning
Implemented PRISM Planning (2 sites) and Quick Scheduler modules at food manufacturer
PRMS/BOSS customer order processes
Implemented new PRMS/BOSS customer order fulfillment processes for new line of CPG products
PRMS bar code processing
Integrated and implemented PRMS bar code inventory transaction processing at automotive manufacturer at 2 European sites
Release validation process
Developed automotive manufacturer release validation process
IBM i administration services
Providing IBM i administration services including month-end processing at CPG company using PRMS
Integrated PRISM and bar code
Integrated PRISM and bar code inventory management system at food manufacturer
IBM i Managed Services
Providing IBM i Managed Services at packaging materials company using PRISM and JDE World
PRMS functionality audit
Conducted overall PRMS functionality audit for industrial hard goods manufacturer forestalling expensive ERP migration
Realigned JDE World fiscal calendar
Realigned JDE World fiscal calendar at chemical manufacturer
Migrated PRISM Purchasing data
Migrated PRISM Purchasing data for division spin off for pharmaceutical company
PRISM Document eDelivery
Implemented PRISM Document eDelivery at chemical manufacturer
Integrated PRISM-Optiva PLM
Integrated PRISM-Optiva PLM applications streamlining new product introductions at food processor and distributor

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