Finding the Right DR Solution for Your Enterprise

Recorded webinar with PSGi President Larry Dube and TurningPoint Systems Principal John Hamel

Your IBM i platform is essential to the growth and continuity of your business, and even a short-term hiccup can lead to a long-term business disruption. Will you be ready when disaster strikes? To operate efficiently – and with peace of mind – you need a backup and recovery strategy with the speed, precision and flexibility appropriate to your business requirements. However, many organizations overestimate their downtime tolerance, underestimate their recovery costs and fail to account for small but impactful details. 

Fortunately, you can provide for pain-free disaster recovery with a thorough needs analysis, the right hardware and software and rigorous testing of your backup plan. Hosts Larry Dube and John Hamel discuss:

Finally, Larry and John discuss specific solutions and their use cases. Should you implement and maintain your own backup plan, or should you outsource DR to a third party? Should you back up to tape or a cloud server, or should you mirror your entire system? Which options will provide your organization with the appropriate balance between system and business requirements and peace of mind? Download the webinar to find out! 

About Precision Solutions Group, Inc.

PSGi is a leader in integrated managed services that combines manufacturing process expertise with in-depth knowledge of the IBM i platform. By providing comprehensive services, we help companies optimize business applications, obtain flexible IT support and extend the capabilities and life of applications through add-on software solutions. 

About TurningPoint Systems

TurningPoint Systems is an information technology firm with a 30-year history of helping our clients manage their hardware, software and distribution technologies to increase operational efficiency and increase profitability. We have two service groups, one specializing in IT consulting and IT managed services, and the other specializing in enterprise management software and productivity products for a variety of industries.

About the Hosts

Larry Dube
President, PSGi

After 16 years of customer support leadership and software development, Larry founded PSGi in 2003 with Terrie Tadsen and Ed Kelly. Since 1989 he has held a variety of customer support management roles within Marcam Corporation, which eventually became known as Baan Process Solutions. Throughout his tenure at Marcam and Baan, he established successful new teams for tool development, technical services and technical support.  As Vice President of Global Customer Support for Baan, Larry helped increased overall worldwide customer satisfaction from 43% to 95%. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

John Hamel
Principal, Turning Point Systems

John held a variety of senior sales and sales management positions within the IBM Business Partner community before starting TurningPoint Systems in 2014. Leveraging a broad understanding of new technologies and integrated solutions, as well as his experience navigating fast-growing companies’ IT requirements, John brings a unique solutions-focused approach to helping companies manage their IT infrastructure and disaster recovery protocols.

Key Considerations for Disaster Recovery:

Finding the Right DR Solution for Your Business

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