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In the manufacturing durables industry, a global economy leads to fluctuations that are difficult to predict. Expansion orders will rise; contraction orders will fall. Meanwhile in the factories, business leaders must strive to create more agile shop floors and better inventory control.

All this must be done while meeting demands to deliver on time and in full (OTIF), trade efficiently via multiple channels (direct and indirect) and perform errorless customer service. The one constant is having a reliable partner to help you take  strategically leverage your best asset: your data.

Your Challenges Are Our Expertise

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For decades, PSGi’s experienced team has worked with various types of consumer products manufacturers. So when it comes to helping you implement and optimize the very best business practices… we know a thing or two. Our services help optimize the flow of critical information through your organization, minimize redundancies, and ensure your organization’s most needed information is available for decision makers. PSGi manages:

“PSGi acts as an extension of our IT team by filling gaps in our knowledge and filling in when we have insufficient resources to resolve issues or develop ancillary systems.  We call on them just as we do our internal employees.”

– IT Project Manager 

Recent Projects


Released beta version of Mobile App for sales reps at national tape manufacturer for finished goods inventory and ATP visibility in the field allowing them to place orders with the confidence the goods would be delivered as promised and enhance customer satisfaction


Created a PRISM enhancement allowing shelf lives by vendor addressing raw material supplier differences


Providing system administration services, including month-end processing at CPG company using PRMS

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