Customer Support Services

PSGi is committed to keeping your business running smoothly. We provide fast, accurate resolution to application problems, as well as the tools and services to empower your employees to resolve issues on their own. PSGi may replace or augment the services provided by your software application vendor.

Our comprehensive support solutions offer significant advantages:

  • Support for customized applications – We support the customer, not the product. That means that we provide support no matter how a software product has been customized to address your company's unique business requirements.
  • “Flex” days – Our customer support solution is delivered with flex consulting days to maximize the ROI we deliver. A portion of your support investment may be allocated to business services, training and other technical services.
  • Enhancements Portfolio - PSGi develops enhancements for clients and often these are applicable for the entire user community.  Given permission from the sponsoring client, we add the enhancement to our Enhancements Portfolio and refund the client’s investment.  The enhancements are available free including installation to all of our customer support clients.
  • Proactive Support – We don’t wait until you have a problem. PSGi holds regular status conference calls with all clients to identify areas where we could deliver additional value, help you achieve your objectives and ensure our teams work synergistically.
  • Information Sharing – Clients collaborate and share insights through the PSGi customer community.
  • Reduced Costs – PSGi is committed to keeping your total cost of ownership low by enhancing your software rather than reinventing the wheel with replacement or overlapping applications and technologies.

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