IBM i Operations Training

PSGi employees have experience on the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) dating back to its inception in the 1980's.  Our professionals can train your new employees on general operations of the IBM i and system management techniques.  This training is designed for the individual new to the environment and wants a jump start to all aspects of the IBM i.  This education will review:

1. Overall architecture

  • Single Lpar or multiple Lpar
  • Sharing resources 

2. What applications are installed on your system

3. Common user requests and how to find information to resolve those requests

4. Managing subsystems

5. Managing at a high level of performance

  • This could be a multi-day class on its own.  This topic will help the student identify performance issues and how to measure performance in general

6. Where did that printed output go?

7. Reviewing logs

  • What gets reported and where it gets reported

8. Supporting 3rd party applications

  • How to quickly find information about a running application
  • Determining what programs that are running
  • How is the database put together
  • Dealing with 3rd party applications that have little documentation