Cloud-based IBM i Backup and Recovery

Many companies and organizations, large and small, are vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters that can potentially cripple business operations and continuity. Are you fully prepared to respond effectively if your critical servers go down? 

We’ve partnered with TurningPoint Systems to provide our customers with custom, cost-effective, cloud-based IBM i disaster recovery solutions that include customized data backup and retrieval procedures. Our team of backup and recovery experts can help minimize business disruption – even eliminate it entirely in many cases – with real-time, automated fail-over recovery for virtually seamless, continuous business operation as if nothing ever happened. 

Our fully-integrated and supported hardware, software and disaster recovery solution:

  • Replaces unreliable and time-consuming backup-to-tape technologies
  • Regularly backs up the entire system or mirrors your database so an exact copy can be immediately retrieved over the internet
  • Enables an always-current offsite backup system to be utilized in case your production server is damaged 

We can help you avoid disruptions, lost revenue and disgruntled customers with our complete cloud-based IBM i backup and recovery service. Contact us today to learn more.